Trader Program

Submit your trading signals to all MOYO Demo and Live accounts, using your preferred trading method!

A Trader is any user that shares his trading strategy in MOYOTrade. As a Trader you will compete on the Traders page and allow Investors to receive your signals into their trading account. The more profitable your Trader strategy is, the more Investors will receive your signals!


Earn up to 0.5 pips for each trade executed on Live Investors or $5 per $100k traded!

Fully-fledged Trading Station. Demo and Live accounts supported.

Technical charts and indicators

Create your own custom Script and Indicator!

Web-based, no connectivity issues, no need for a VPS

Demo and Live accounts supported

Over 50 Brokers supported

Trade from your own custom program

Our own REST API

Configure your own algorithm

Over 7 base currencies

Host your MT4 trading strategy for free

Access your VPS via any Browser

Become a Trader

Traders can earn from $100 up to $1 million per month depending on their performance and popularity.