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MOYO web trader provides trading signal straight on the platform with One Click Execution

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How MOYO Singal Work?


Recive a Singal

You will receive a signal from third party provider under market watch signal tab every day.


Click on singal

Click on signal under market watch signal tab and system will take all data from signal like TP and SL as well as type of signal (Buy or Sell).


Execute a signal

When you click on signal all data will be automatically entered as a n order and all you need to do is to enter lot and click place and order button and system will execute an order on market

Why MOYO is providing Signals?

We aim to help our Investors to make profit in both ways either by following an experienced trader or at the same time trading through our trusted signal

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There are many reasons for providing Signals to our clients


Seeing how other traders enter and exit trades can help beginner traders to learn more about the markets and different trading strategies.


Many beginner traders simply do not have the time to trade throughout the day. Having the ability to replicate the trades of more active traders - such as day traders, or scalpers - can give you more exposure to the currency markets.


There are a variety of signal providers to choose from. MOYO provides variety of styles, instruments, timeframes and methods that can help our investor’s with portfolio diversification.


As you develop your skills as a trader through our Signals, there is no reason why you cannot become a trader and start earning through your followers.

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Why Do People Choose Moyo?

Connect MT4 from any broker

Moyo is the first copy trading platform which allows people to connect their MT4 platform from any preferred broker of their choice.

Real-Time Order Execution

Moyo allows traders to either trade form MT4 platform or MOYO web trader. Any order executed on MT4 will reflect on MOYO web trader and vice versa. It allows trader to stay on top of the market with our high-speed order processing.

Simple and Free Copy-Trading

Discover the best traders on the trader’s page and copy their trades.

Trading Singnals

We provide our investors with trading signal daily on the MOYO web trader with one click execution.

Multi trading account

MOYO allows people to open multiple trading accounts under one account. You can open Investor account to follow traders and at the same time trader account to let people follow you.

Multi-Currency Accounts

Open multiple trading accounts with one of many supported crypto currencies.

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