Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Moyotrade is the Social Autotrading Platform in Forex, CFDs and Cryptocurrencies. It enables its users to automatically follow the trading activity of successful Traders from all over the world and eliminates the influence of emotion on trading.

MoyoTrade has bridged the gap between valuable information in money markets and trade execution. By converting the advice of professional and talented Traders globally, our autotrading Platform executes trades rapidly and automatically in your account (from supported Brokers, based on your own settings and preferences).

With MoyoTrade you don’t have to study or monitor the Market, because hundreds of Traders world-wide are doing it for you.

All you have to do is to select the Traders who you prefer, and MoyoTrade will quickly convert their advice into Real trades in your trading account directly with the broker.
Copy Trading offers the opportunity to monitor the trading activity of professional Traders and to choose to follow their trades and signals (the opening, updating and closing of trades), as reference in your own account through MOYO Platform. you with a new account number. Don’t forget to tell them that your Referring Broker is MOYO.
The best way to begin is to open a Demo account with MT4, start monitoring and choose to follow Traders’ activity as reference with virtual funds in a risk-free environment.

You can use tools such as the Traders’ ranking lists, User comments and rating, trading historical data and more, to help you decide which are the best Traders for your needs.

You may also set up your risk appetite and the capital that you wish to invest.
Manual trading is executed by you opening and closing positions manually.

Copy trading is characterized either by utilizing other Traders’ signals via the MOYO Trade Platform or by using algorithms (also called “Expert Advisors” or EAs) to trade.
Anyone can trade on MoyoTrade.

In order to trade with a Real money account, you will need to either open a Real account with any preferred broker of your choice or you can open a Real account with MOYO. Our platform is different from our competitor as it the only copy trading platform which allows to attach any mt4 account from any broker around the world.
No, anyone can trade with MoyoTrade.

The advantage of MoyoTrade’s autotrading service is that instead of following the Market and financial indicators, you follow people. The only thing that you will need to trade successfully with MoyoTrade is to create a portfolio of Traders suitable for your needs, capital and risk appetite.
MoyoTrade offers Forex, CFDs, commodoties, Indices and Cryptos.

More instruments will be added shortly.
Moyo Trade provides training webinars, as well as both online and walk-through videos in order to help you familiarize yourself with the service before starting to trade with Real money account.

• Video Tutorials: You can watch our Video Tutorials through our Youtube Channel or directly via our website. Detailed step-by-step videos will help you create your Moyo Trade account and understand what Moyo Trade can do for you.
• Online Web Tutorial: Use the online Tutorial to view a detailed walkthrough of the Website and its functions in the form of Tool Tips, which explain what each item on your current screen does.
• Demo Account: The best way to learn how to use the Platform is to experience it yourself by opening MT4 Demo account through our CRM. It offers identical price and execution to that of a Real account, while allowing Investors to experiment service without risk.

When you feel comfortable with the Platform, open a Real Account to start trading with real money.

Investor Account

The minimum deposit requirements to activate an Investor account depends on the Broker that you choose to collaborate with.

If you want to open Real MT4 account with Moyo Trade there are two ways to open an account:

1. We are using Buxcoin crypto asset to offer MT4 with 20% Buxcoin redemption on every account. Minimum deposit is $200.
2. You can open Real Account on MT4 with minimum deposit of $100

To maintain your Broker investment account connected with MoyoTrade, your balance should always exceed $100.
Registration is free.

However, once you start following a trader on Moyotrade you will be charged $10 commission per standard lot. You can find the about charges when you set up MoyoTrade account under section Transaction.
If you decide to open a Broker account through MoyoTrade, then basic documents are required.

We, typically require a valid photo ID or passport as well as a copy of a recent utility bill or bank statement, in which your name and current residential address appear, as a proof of address document. It is best, however, to directly upload the required documents on our CRM for a quick approval.
No – the Traders from which you opt to receive reference trades in your account do not have access to your MoyoTrade account. However, we have added an option in setting for investors to allow trader’s to modify the trading criteria. The reason to modify criteria is due to the fact the many investor’s doesn’t know how to set the trading criteria due to which trades didn’t get copied. MoyoTrade’s engine simply recognizes that you have chosen to have their trades broadcast to your account, and executes the relevant signals according to your settings.
The spread received in see on Moyotrade account is the spread provided by our Liquidity provider, and it is the same that you will receive in your Broker’s trading MT4 platform. Also, when you connect MT4 from any broker MoyoTrade will automatically pick price feed like for like and display on MoyoTrade account. So, when you trade form Mt4 your trade will reflect on MOYO and vice versa.
MoyoTrade displays and follows your account properties, as set up by your Broker. So when you connect your MT4, MoyoTrade will support any leverage that your Broker can offer. For investor having Mt4 account with MoyoTrade will get 1:100 Leverage and higher leverage is subject to the size of the account.
MoyoTrade dosent offer mobile application at the moment but the web application is designed to be compatible with smartphones and tablet. However, clients can trade on mobile based MT4 for trading as MOYO current support Mt4 platform.


Demo accounts are valuable resources for both new Users who would like to hone their trading skills with virtual money before opening a Real Investor's account and also for experienced users who wish to test a strategy before implementing it to their Real Accounts.

Signing up and creating a Demo account is free. In order to open a Demo account.

After completing the registration process, you will:

Need to select your account type (Profit Sharing or Fixed Income Plan) and your account properties (balance, leverage etc). Receive a verification email at your registered email address. By clicking on the verification link, your account will be automatically activated and you can select Traders and start trading!

If you face any problem during this process, then please do not hesitate to Contact Us or check out our video tutorial.
Done with virtual profit and ready to go real and earn real money with our revolutionary Moyo trading platform? Please visit our website and go to the Register button.

On the Registration Form, select "Create Account".

After completing the registration process, you will:

Receive a verification email at your registered email address.

If you want to open an account in MT4 with MoyoTrade you need to go to CRM and select the Real Account. After creating MT4 account you then need to create Moyo account and select account type (Profit Sharing or Classic). Remember that you can also attach your preferred broker MT4 account and then attach it with MOYO.

Once you open real account with Moyotrade we will send you the login details for your MoyoTrade account immediately after your account are fully setup and funded. If you haven’t received your MoyoTrade account login details within the specified time frame, please contact our support at to ensure that your application is complete and that all the required documents and funds have been received and approved.

Please also note that there is a $100 minimum balance requirement to maintain your Broker account linked to MoyoTrade. If at any time your balance drops below this threshold, your Broker account will stop copying trades.

If you face any problem during this process, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.
We offer Hedge fund account and Profit Sharing Accounts.

Hedge fund Accounts

With Hedge fun Accounts, you invest with professional Asset manager that are available on our Moyotrade platform and they will generate return on investment based on your risk appetite. This account type is recommended for Advanced users and investor willing to take risk based approach.

Profit – Sharing Accounts

Mainly for copy-trading through the MoyoTrade Platform. This account type is recommended for all User, either novice or advanced, since they may start trading by selecting the Traders that they wish to follow and by setting their capital protection amount. It's an easy and simple way to trade, no experience required. Manual trading may also be performed, yet it is not recommended.

With Profit Sharing accounts you are aligned with your Traders, they are paid off for the profits they generate in your account while you trade with discounted commissions.
You can open as many Real Investor accounts as you please, there is no limitation. You can open up to 5 Demo Investor accounts with the same email address.
You can connect MT4 account from any broker of your choice in MoyoTrade. In order to copy trades you need to deposit funds in Moyo’s internal wallet and every time trade is copied commission and trader’s profit will be deducted from that wallet. If there is no money in the wallet trade signal will not be copied.
MoyoTrade is the first auto trading platform which allows anyone to attach its MT4 platform from any broker. Since investor funds sit with its broker and MoyoTrade have no control over it we have created internal wallet to deduct profit and commission so we can pass it on to trader when trade is closed.
Yes, your username and password of MT4 account is absolutely safe. Moreover MoyoTrade will never ask you for your Broker password - if necessary you will input that yourself so as to connect MoyoTrade to your Broker account. Even in the unlikely case that someone has acquired your password, it is not possible for anyone (including MoyoTrade) to withdraw funds from your account. This is because withdrawal will only be processed through your back office and which has separate login credentials.


You can follow Traders:

By browsing the Traders’ Page
All closed trades will automatically be listed under the "History" page of your account.

By default the system will display this information for the time frame of the last calendar month, but you may select any time frame that you wish since your account opened until the present day. Together with all of the detailed information, you will also have graphic representations to display your profit in your base currency, in Pips as well as in Monthly profit. All of your trades will be listed in full detail, such as trade type (BUY or SELL), the currency pair, the lot size and the number of lots, trader’s name, the Date Open, the Date Closed, the Opening and Closing Price, and Profit.

The trades are listed by Date Closed, but you may click on the title of any column in order to rearrange the data by any other factor that you prefer.

Also note that the colors in which trades appear reflect their PnL; Yellow is for profit, red for loss. The shades of these colors have to do with how profitable or how substantial the loss is. Lighter shades indicate less profit or losses and darker shades, larger profit or losses respectively.
When trading manually, as an Investor, you may follow any trading strategy that suits your needs. However, when trading as a Trader, Scalping is not a recommended strategy, as this practice may lead to highly inconsistent results for different Broker accounts.

This is left to your personal preferences and perception of acceptable risk. For our part, we provide you with indications of risk that assist you to manage your potential exposure
When logged in to your MoyoTrade account you have access to the Trader’s full History either by clicking on his name or from his Public Page, and you may also download it as an Excel file, so as to study and analyze his results.

We have given detail trading history of trader in a form of charts and table. On clicking on any trader name you will see his/her Chart statistic, Daily Statistic, Currency statistics and symbol statistics. Together with detailed information about each trade the Trader has ever performed (final result, drawdown, commission, etc) you will also find a number of graphs and statistics analyzing the performance of his full trading history.

However the best way to find out whether a Trader fits with your trading interests is actually trying him out in a Demo account, which you can open instantly and for free here. This way you can receive trades from him just as you would in a Real account and see his actual results.
When logged into your account, Select a trader and click on “FOLLOW” button.

Here, you will see an option “Settings” then select

1. "Max Open Lots" per Trader you wish to specify: this allows you to set the maximum number of total lots you wish to receive from trades of a particular Trader at any one time; if this threshold is reached, any further trades from the particular Trader will not be broadcast to your account before closing one or more of the positions currently open in your Account.
2. “Max Open trade” per Trader You can do the same to specify the maximum number of "trades"; this pertains to the number of trades to be copied through traders. For example: if you wish to copy 3 trades from a particular trader of your choice then system will stop copying as soon as it reaches that threshold criteria.
3. “Max Loss lots” per Trader when you wish to specify criteria which will allow the system to stop copying trades as soon as total loss in lots size reaches the specified number.
Yes, you can modify criteria ant any given point of time. To do so, Investors have to login into their account and click on “Portfolio” tab on dashboard. You will see the traders you are following on a right hand panel. Click on the space next to the trader you wish to modify the criteria and a “Modify” button will appear. You click on the modify button and change the criteria.
To unfollow a trader either go to trader’s page and click on UNFOLLOW button next to a trader or go to dashboard and select portfolio and you will see all trader in a right hand panel. Below every trader is a unfollow button so investor can do it from there as well.
The Economic Calendar is a dynamic tool that allows you to consider the impact of important global events on specific currencies and can be a powerful advisor for your trading decisions. It lists the important events of the day, the currency pair(s) they are anticipated to affect and also the anticipated tendency (upwards/downwards).

All events are displayed in the time zone of your PC, but it can be reset to any time zone fits you best. You are also able to filter economic events by selecting the timeframe, impact as well as currency.
MoyoTrade has some incredible risk management tools designed to safeguard investor’s investment. We have also added tools to help investor increase their profitability. Let’s see what those criteria are and how they help client in risk mitigation and maximizing profitability.

1. Multiplier; this tool is designed to multiply number of lots up to a maximum of 10 times the original trade broadcasted from a trader. So for example if investor set a multiplier to 2 it mean that if 1 lot is broadcasted through a trader then system will place 2 lots on investor account.
2. Reverse Trade; This tool copy a reverse trade to what has been broadcasted by a trader. So for example, if trader placed a buy trade then system will place a sell trade in investor’s account
3. Balance; this option allocate entire balance of investor MT4 account to a particular trader. However, the number of lots that’s balance can open is calculated through (total traders asset (funds following) given by his entire follower and divided by investors balance will show investor how many lots will be copied with the entire balance. The higher the balance bigger the lot size and vice versa.
4. Equity; this option allocate entire equity of investor MT4 account to a particular trader. However, the number of lots that’s balance can open is calculated through (total traders asset (funds following) given by his entire follower and divided by investors balance will show investor how many lots will be copied with the entire balance. The higher the balance bigger the lot size and vice versa.
5. Invested Amount; using this criteria investor can allocate a part of his balance to a particular trader
6. Fixed Lot; Investor can set a fixed lot criteria for the trader he wish to follow.
You can set your personal Stop and/or Limit per currency pair via the Mt4 terminal or through the MoyoTrade platform. To do so, you need to login to your MT4 terminal or MoyoTrade platform. In MT4 simply double click on order and modify the trade and in MoyoTrade click on the order and modify from right hand panel.
You can cancel it at any given moment from your "Orders" tab, by clicking on the Close button at the right side of the order.
If you are trading via a profit sharing Account, you can close individual trades at any given moment from your "Positions" tab, by clicking on the Close button at the right side of the trade. Alternatively, you can close any position directly from your Mt4 terminal as well.

Profit Sharing Accounts may select to either close all positions of a specific Trader or all open positions of all Traders.

Managing my Account

Personal details can be amended from the "Account” page (Personal Details tab) of your account.

Remember to click on "Save Settings" in order for any changes to be saved.
You can change the registered email address of your account by sending an email request using your current email address to

Please make sure to include the Old and New email addresses and your MoyoTrade account Username(s) that the change will apply to.

Please note that requests not sent via the currently registered email address will not be accepted. If you have lost access to your currently registered email address, please Contact our Support Team in order to receive advice on how to proceed.

Attention: Real Investor Accounts should ensure that their email address has also been amended with their Broker.
The leverage of your account cannot be modified by MoyoTrade – it can only be amended by your Broker if your MT4 is from outside of MoyoTrade. Investor have an MT4 account through MOYO can request change in leverage via email request and based on the account size leverage will be modified.
You can always make fund injections directly through your CRM or through Moyo. We have added wallet to back office as well as Moyo and investor can deposit through crypto as well as Fiat (for few countries) ; as soon as deposit is done it will be instantly visible in your MT4 as well as MoyoTrade account.
You can request a withdrawal from your account by contacting your Broker directly. If you have an MT4 account with Moyo Trade then you can login into your back office and request a withdrawal by filling the form.

If you intend to withdraw a considerable proportion of your equity, you are advised to check your MoyoTrade account settings as it is possible that your currently selected Traders open new positions or orders before the withdrawal is processed by your Broker, thus putting your account at the risk of a Margin Call.
Yes, there is a withdrawal fee depending on which payment option you have selected. If you have requested withdrawal in crypto the withdrawal fee will be 0.5% and if you have requested in FIAT then international swift charges will apply. For investors with MT4 outside of MOYO have to directly contact their Broker for withdrawal.
Internal investor of MOYO MT4 holder can get withdrawal in THREE working days. Investors with MT4 outside of MOYO can contact their Broker for withdrawal related timeframe.
If you are logged in to your account, you can change your MT4 details or just password by clicking on the "Account” page and then by selecting the "Edit Credentials" tab.

If you have forgotten your MoyoTrade password, you may reset it at any moment by clicking on the Forgot Your Password option, available on our Login page.

Attention: The password should be at least 8 characters long and contain at least one number, one letter and one special character. The new password you will insert will apply to any active accounts associated with your email address.
If you wish to unlink your Mt4 account from MoyoTrade, please go to “Account” page and click Delete my account and it will be unlink from Moyo. In case you have any issues kindly report to and we will disable your account in MoyoTrade.

Account Activation Issues

If upon account registration you did not receive your Activation email, and then please look into your Spam/Junk folder. If the email cannot be found there, then you can request your activation email by sending email to
As soon as create Moyotrade account you will asked to select either Investor account or Trader account. Once you select Investor account you will asked to enter your MT4 credential which are

1. Select Manual option – for investors attaching MT4 from other brokers or select CashFinex which is internal MT4 account
2. If you select Manual option then you need to enter MT4 account number, password, broker IP address and port. If you select CashFinex then you just need to enter MT4 account number and password.
3. Once you enter all details click on Create Account button and you will get notification on the platform if account is successfully connect else you will get error notification. After that, you can log in to MoyoTrade account in order to configure your Traders Portfolio.

Log In Issues

In case you cannot log into your MoyoTrade account please make sure you are providing the correct MoyoTrade username and password, as provided by MoyoTrade.

Also bear in mind that your MoyoTrade password can be different from your Broker MT4 account password. Please be forewarned that our password is case sensitive.

If you are still unable to connect to your account, kindly Contact Us to seek assistance.
You can recover your password at any time by clicking on Forgot Your Password located on our Login page.

Attention: The password should be at least 8 characters long and contain at least one number, one letter and one special character. The new password you will insert will apply to any active accounts associated with your email address.

My Trader Account

A "Trader" is a MoyoTrade User, who trades either on a Demo or Real account while MoyoTrade broadcasts his/her results and statistics through MoyoTrade trader’s page.

Each trading action performed in the Trader's account is broadcast to all MoyoTrade Demo and Real Investor Accounts that have opted to receive this Trader's signals.

Anyone can become a Trader at MoyoTrade but the competition is fierce. Traders’ performance is constantly ranked by MoyoTrade algorithm and the MoyoTrade Community, so that only the best Traders appear on the top of our lists.
To sign up for a trader account you first need to create a Moyotrade account. Once account is successfully created next step is to create trader’s account. All you need to do is to enter your “Alias Name” that you want investor to see and enter your MT4 credentials. Upon successfully adding your MT4 details you will receive a notification “Trade account created successfully” and then you will be diverted to the dashboard where trader can see his portfolio and statistics.

MoyoTrade will automatically pick all MT4 data and display under statistics section.
MoyoTrade does not pick the Traders; the Program is open to any individual and/or company who wishes to broadcast their signals online and share them with the MoyoTrade Investors Community.
The Traders appear in the Traders page are ranked according to the MoyoRank algorithm, based on their performance results.

All data and information of the Traders are taken into consideration in order to calculate their ranking, however, in general, three are the most decisive factors for the MoyoRank:

Maturity - how long this Trader has been trading for, reflected in 'Weeks'

Exposure - how many positions might be open at the same time, reflected in 'Max Open Trades'

Drawdown - how many ups and downs the Trader’s historical performance has experienced, reflected in 'MaxDD%'

In an effort to put more emphasis on identifying Traders with a solid and consistent trading strategy, MoyoRank also promotes Traders with the following characteristics:

Better performance during the last 6 months, 12 months and 18 months

Consistent use of Stop Loss and normal winning trades ratio; the MoyoRank formula penalizes Traders that don't provide a manual stop to more than 70% of their total trades, and issues a warning message when a Trader has a 100% winning ratio as this could indicate a considerable drawdown

Frequent trading activity; long periods of inactivity are penalized

Normal trading cycles, trading on a regular basis

The percentage of trading with exotic currencies is taken into account accordingly, as they tend to be more volatile and may distort statistics

The above factors and stats have been selected as the most important in the spirit of promoting safety and risk control for the users’ invested capital in the pursue of profit.
All Traders in Moyo will be compensated in TWO ways:

A. Volume Based Compensation Scheme

Traders earn 0.5 pips per lot, for each closed trade executed in a Real Investor account under Classic Account Model. Pip cost varies according to the currency pair traded, the type of account of the Investor etc.

B. Profit Sharing Compensation Scheme

Traders get compensated on a monthly basis according to the profits they generate on their Real Investors under Profit Sharing Account Model.

Every time you generate a profitable monthly PnL to a Profit-Sharing Investor, you will be credited a 30% Performance Fee. This Fee will only apply for the amount above High Water Mark (“HWM”). HWM is the maximum profit made by the Trader and it is calculated on the 1st calendar day of each month since the Investor added the Trader to his portfolio.

The same amount (50%) is requested from Reserve bucket. The amount that will be released and credited is limited to the reserved amount generated from previous periods.

50% of the Performance Fee charged is added to the Trader’s Reserve Bucket for next periods.

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